hand embroidery works

A film of the chance to start embroidery for me ♡

Merci, Claire...!
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Sweet stamp
I found a sweet sheet of stamps at a  nearby post office.

"Guri and Gura" is a masterpiece for Japanese kids.

My book have  already been like a antique....

After all, the highlight is here!

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Marine Day

"Swimmy" is a my faivorite picture book.
I  read it many times when I was child.
Is there this book in your country?

Today is a holiday "Marine Day".
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It's been a long time..!

I was crazy about Olive, when I was teenager.
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This year is drawing to a close...

I met some good magazines this year.

I cleaned my room for a happy new year today.
And I am getting ready for my exhibition in January.

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