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Trip to Azumino 3

Although I was planning to enjoy the evening with the taste of Nagano wine, I ended up in my dreams in my futon until the next morning.Since we were blessed by sunshine, we went blue berry hunting the next day.

Oh, what a luxurious moment it was to have a mouth full of fresh picked ripened blue berries!

We visited my sister’s friend’s home this day.This family is enjoying life in Azumino after leaving Tokyo last year.

There was a fireplace inside the home, warming the entire house since there are no walls between the rooms and floors. The whole house is open with a high ceiling and lots of natural light.

They served us a meal made with lots of vegetables from their garden.
Cucumber dressed with miso and rice malt, and rice cooked with corn.

Every dish was delicious with the natural seasoning of vegetables! The kids love it too.I could feel my longing to live in a place like this is growing.

Fun times passes by so quickly. We headed for the station for our train ride back home.

My mind was full with thoughts like; I definitely want to come back, I want to stay longer next time, I gotta check out that other accommodation, make sketches of the mountain, go out for a nice drink…..

The view outside the train window reminded me of something… It looked exactly like the last picture of my Furano trip last year.⇒

Yes,Furano and Azumino are both beautiful places surrounded by mountains, an ideal countryside scenery I long for.
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Trip to Azumino 2
I rented an electric bicycle taking into consideration the fact that I got exhausted using a normal bike before.
 Plus, I really needed it’s help to carry three kids on my bike!

Bike riding through the mountain was fantastic!

We stopped by at a stream,

 and found some apple trees while we rode the bike up the hill.

We finally arrived at the Azumino Chihiro Art Museum, our destination for the day.
It was a lovely museum built in an open park.


We enjoyed the original copies of Chihiro’s work, the art I have admired for its use of color since childhood.
I was deeply touched by the fine, sensitive touch and the point of view that captures the gesture and expression of children. I was convinced when I saw Marie Laurencin being introduced as one of the artists that gave impact on Chihiro. They are both my favorite artists.

Chihiro's Picture card that I bought there and my favorite  collection book of Marie's pictures.

We had break with blue berry cakes in cafe in the museum...So yummy!

Although I did not want to leave, we left to head back for Hotaka since the sun was setting down. The kids started to sleep making the bike trip home a tough one for me. The hotel staff greeted us as we arrived back.
I enjoyed the hot spring and had a good night sleep after a day of good exercise biking under the sun.

To be continued  in the next post!

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Trip to Azumino

This summer I had a short pleasant trip to Azumino, Shinshu with my nephews.
 Azumino can be accessed by train from Matsumoto, the central area of Nagano. It is a place full of fresh water and air, a beautiful countryside that spreads on the bottom of the mountain. This was my third visit for me. It is a special place that always gives me craves to live here one day every time I visit. It seems like there are many people that move into this area from Tokyo in hope for a new lifestyle. Because of this, there are many people that enjoy life the way they planned, making Azumino an attractive city.

Beautiful scenery under the bright sun greeted us after a 3 hour train trip.

穂高駅すぐのところにできたGlobal food NAVEL にておいしいごはんとオーガニックビール。食材にこだわった丁寧なご飯づくりをされている小さなかわいいお店。
 We had a taste of delicious food and organic beer at the Global food NAVEL just right in front of Hotaka station.

The zucchini fries were amazing!

Global food NAVEL FB ⇒

腹ごしらえをして、いざ出発! 続きは次回へ。
Ready to go after a satisfying meal.To be continued  in the next post!

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Please visit  the pop up store "Jet-go-round" in Hankyu Umeda 10F UMEDA SOUQ  22th〜28th Oct ,if you are in Osaka! 

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Trip to Furano 2

The first thing that comes into mind when thinking of Frano is ... Lavender!
The biginning of July when I visited Furano was exactly the season for lavenders to bloom.

I was able to get a sight of these lovely lavenders everywhere in town,from the lavender field to those blooming  in front of shops and houses around the neighborhood. I could feel that these lavenders where loved not only by tourists, but from the local people as well. 

Anywhere I go, I was able to encounter the beautiful scenery of verious flowers blooming, and enjoyed the splendid view just by riding the bike. The flowers blooming on the streets seemed differernt from the flowers in Tokyo, giving out a refreshing scent.


Rice fields,

wheat fields,

and grape fields.

”Kaze no garden"(wind garden), a shooting location of a Japanese  drama.
I was so attracted to the various flowers that I have never seen before.

This is school that has closed down.Now it has turned it self into a nostalsic space where people can enjoy the kaleidoscope collection from around the world.

My ween in Furano passed so quickly, and the encounter with beautiful people, good air, and scenery gave me positive energy. I am so thankful to every encounter I had, and can't  wait to visit again soon!

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