hand embroidery works
I went Hermès's exihibision "LETHER FOREVER".

It was great.
I usually cannot look carefully the products in their shop, cause I am nervous in luxuary atmosphere.
But I enjoyed a lot of their special creations in this exihibision.

The demonstration of stitch

A bag for lady who want carry an apple any time.

A bag for cheerful music lover...?

Birkin and Kelly

What a wonderful color ...!

I was moved by their sensibility and technic, and I want "Birkin" someday !

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At length I went this exhibition!
It was good.
The best is room of real props for me.
Especially Stephan's time machine...!

The science of sleep is my best film of Gondry♡
Please visit and enjoy a lot of real sweet props on this room.

Museum's website→
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Kanta and Sashiko

I went exihibition "Kanta & Sashiko" in Japan folk Crafts Museum.Kanta is traditional quilting  made in Bengal ,Sashiko is also traditional quilting made in Japan.Both are  so wonderful, but style is very different.
Sashiko is a geimetrical pattern and used simple color thread . I feel  a sense of closeness to that as I am Japanese.
Kanta is  so fresh for me .Works were colorful,free styles and full of warm affection.Looking at them puts me in warm and cheerful mood. I want to make  a big quilting like Kanta someday...Japan Folk Crafts Museum was  a building full of atmosphere.  I hope you all have a chance to visit there  when you are in Tokyo.

Japan Folk Crafts Museum /日本民芸館→

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Yokohama Triennale

We went Yokohama Triennale last month.

It is a big festival of art  once in three years in Yokohama.
A lot of arts from around world collected there. 

It is too difficult for me to give my impressions in English...but everything I saw was interesting.

Wim DELVOYE《Flatbed Trailer》
Unmonumental monument....
the contrast between the  monument which has rusted away and the blue sky  was beautiful.

 Dora García《Fahrenheit 451 (1957)》
The opposite world like in a mirror...?

The books are made from stone in Bāmiyān.

Please visit Yokohama Triennnale 2017 if you have a chance then.
2014'sWebsite →

And Yokohama's night was very beautiful...♡

 I'm going to participate in pop-up store "Kawaii et cetera" at Yokohama this month.
Please visit the store and enjoy Yokohama town!! 
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A cake and lips

Here is a little museum in my room.

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