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Kanta and Sashiko

I went exihibition "Kanta & Sashiko" in Japan folk Crafts Museum.Kanta is traditional quilting  made in Bengal ,Sashiko is also traditional quilting made in Japan.Both are  so wonderful, but style is very different.
Sashiko is a geimetrical pattern and used simple color thread . I feel  a sense of closeness to that as I am Japanese.
Kanta is  so fresh for me .Works were colorful,free styles and full of warm affection.Looking at them puts me in warm and cheerful mood. I want to make  a big quilting like Kanta someday...Japan Folk Crafts Museum was  a building full of atmosphere.  I hope you all have a chance to visit there  when you are in Tokyo.

Japan Folk Crafts Museum /日本民芸館→

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