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Trip to Azumino

This summer I had a short pleasant trip to Azumino, Shinshu with my nephews.
 Azumino can be accessed by train from Matsumoto, the central area of Nagano. It is a place full of fresh water and air, a beautiful countryside that spreads on the bottom of the mountain. This was my third visit for me. It is a special place that always gives me craves to live here one day every time I visit. It seems like there are many people that move into this area from Tokyo in hope for a new lifestyle. Because of this, there are many people that enjoy life the way they planned, making Azumino an attractive city.

Beautiful scenery under the bright sun greeted us after a 3 hour train trip.

穂高駅すぐのところにできたGlobal food NAVEL にておいしいごはんとオーガニックビール。食材にこだわった丁寧なご飯づくりをされている小さなかわいいお店。
 We had a taste of delicious food and organic beer at the Global food NAVEL just right in front of Hotaka station.

The zucchini fries were amazing!

Global food NAVEL FB ⇒

腹ごしらえをして、いざ出発! 続きは次回へ。
Ready to go after a satisfying meal.To be continued  in the next post!

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