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White and Navy Dress

服を作っているパートナーとともに自分たちの結婚パーティーのためのドレスを作りました。 形をつくるのは彼、私の仕事は衿に刺繍を施すこと。 ウェディングドレスは着るのはもちろん作るのも初めて。長い道のりとなりました。

The white item I made this time is a dress.I made a dress for our wedding party with my husband who makes clothes.My husband made the design, and my job was to create the embroidery around the collar. It was my first time to make and wear a wedding dress. It surely was a long journey until perfection.


Our dress was based on the beautiful shape of a one-off dress made using an antique long skirt from His brand “VIOLET”.


 The fabric used was cotton chiffon, which is a tissue-like soft and light fabric that feels good on the skin.

タックやギャザーをたっぷり入れたデザインをパターンにしてもらい、細長い衿の形に合わせた図案を大きな生地に刺繍をしていきます。 薄い白い生地の上に糸や古いビーズやスパンコールを使いながら大きな白い鳥がたくさんの花や果物を運んでくるようなイメージを描いていきました。

The design with lots of tuck and gathering was made into a pattern, and the chart that was created based on the shape of the slender collar, was stitched to a big fabric. I created the image of big white birds carrying flowers and fruits on the thin white fabric, using thread, antique beads and sequins.


Since I wanted to wear this dress for a long time, we decided to create a navy version of the same dress.


We dyed the fabric to a black-like dark navy color, and simply stitched small silver beads on to the collar.


I was so happy and relieved when the embroidery was finished and the dress came back all complete.

大好きな二つの色、白と紺の世界に一つずつ、二着のドレスが完成しました。 次回はパーティーの様子をすこしだけご紹介。

 The creation of the two dresses of my two favorite colors white and navy is now finished. I will introduce a part of my wedding party in the next chapter.

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