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Beautiful things of June

Enjoy the beautiful rainy season ... ♡
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A happy sunny day


Our wedding day was blessed with a very nice weather with a strong wind, despite the rainy weather forecast.
We planed a small party inviting only our family at a restaurant in Tokyo.


The antique-house like building had a great atmosphere, and lots of light shined through the large windows.


The bridal hair accessory, boutonniere and the flowers for the tables were done by the flower shop next to the restaurant, turning the room into a spring like atmosphere.


A delicious meal and everyone’s smiles.


A homemade cake by the restaurant was used for the ceremonial cake cutting.

Although I never wished for a wedding ceremony, the blessing we received from our family were so warm and the time spent with both of our family was so happy that I was glad we did it.


I reassured my thanks towards my family that brought us up. It became a day I will never forget.


I want express my deepest thanks to our photographer Mr. Takayoshi Sato who took shots of our special moments, and Ms. Mori from nico who did an excellent job with my hair using hair ornaments made from real flowers.

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Happy yummy things for January

A happy new year ♡♡♡

I enjoyed new yaer's supper a lot . 



We pray for helth and hapiness in this year as we eat them.

"Nanakusagayu" at 7th January.
It's a rice porridge for taking care of stomach. 

And We enjoy mochi with sweet asuki beans sauce  at the end of new year's season ♡


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My little farm
I became weekend farmer from this spring !

It is  the harvest season now♡

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Merci ribbon

Thank you for lovely bouquet.I'm admiring  them everyday.

I drew some violas and bound up them with a merci ribbon. 

Merci beaucoup !
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