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Trip to Furano

Last month, I went to Furano to take a break from my daily routine.
Furano is a beautiful city located in the middle of Hokkaido.I stayed at "Noragama",a pottery studio café owned by my friend's brother and his wife.I helped out the café during lunchtime, while enjyoing the beautiful natural envioroment during my free time.It was truly a lovely ,relaxing week.

Here, I would like to intoroduce café "Noragama".It is a cafémade by renovating an old private residence that was build 60 years ago.The café is located on the first floor,and the second flooris the owner couple's residence.
まずは 野良窯の事をご紹介。築60年の古い民家を改築したカフェ、二階がご自宅となっています。

The pottery studio is located right next to the café.

Various unique pottery pieces are created here.
Pottery classes are also available.

You can enjoy the aroma of fresh coffee at the counter

and enjoy the view of the onion field through the window.

What a wonderful feeling to wake up to the smell of fresh baked bread.

I had a grea time talking to regular visitors, bringing meals to customers and picking fresh raspberries outside.
The time spent at Noragama became a special moment that cannot be experienced in nomal trips. I hope you all have a chance to visit Noragama when you go to Furano.
Next time, I will share some of the beautiful scenery of Furano!

Noragama's website 野良窯のHPはこちら→
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Last summer
I went the Okinawa Islands last summer.
I met a lot of lovely lives and beautiful seascapes there.

And I'm making new collection now....
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